Pokedex 286-384

286 Chapignon Chapignon (FR)
Breloom (US)
Kinogassa (JAP)

#286 -
287 Parecool Parecool (FR)
Slakoth (US)
Namakero (JAP)
#287 -
288 Vigoroth Vigoroth (FR)
Vigoroth (US)
Yarukimono (JAP)
#288 -
289 Monaflemit Monaflemit (FR)
Slaking (US)
Kekking (JAP)
#289 -
290 Ningale Ningale (FR)
Nincada (US)
Tsuchinin (JAP)

#290 -
291 Ninjask Ninjask (FR)
Ninjask (US)
Tekkanin (JAP)

#291 -
292 Munja Munja (FR)
Shedinja (US)
Nukenin (JAP)

#292 -
293 Chuchmur Chuchmur (FR)
Whismur (US)
Gonyonyo (JAP)
#293 -
294 Ramboum Ramboum (FR)
Loudred (US)
Dogoomu (JAP)
#294 -
295 Brouhabam Brouhabam (FR)
Exploud (US)
Bakuong (JAP)
#295 -
296 Makuhita Makuhita (FR)
Makuhita (US)
Makunoshita (JAP)
#296 -
297 Hariyama Hariyama (FR)
Hariyama (US)
Hariteyama (JAP)
#297 -
298 Azurill Azurill (FR)
Azurill (US)
Luriri (JAP)
#298 #124
299 Tarinor Tarinor (FR)
Nosepass (US)
Nosepass (JAP)
#299 -
300 Skitty Skitty (FR)
Skitty (US)
Eneko (JAP)
#300 -
301 Delcatty Delcatty (FR)
Delcatty (US)
Enekoro (JAP)
#301 -
302 Tenefix Tenefix (FR)
Sableye (US)
Yamirami (JAP)

#302 -
303 Mysdibule Mysdibule (FR)
Mawile (US)
Kuchiito (JAP)
#303 -
304 Galekid Galekid (FR)
Aron (US)
Kokodora (JAP)

#304 -
305 Galegon Galegon (FR)
Lairon (US)
Kodora (JAP)

#305 -
306 Galeking Galeking (FR)
Aggron (US)
Bossgodora (JAP)

#306 -
307 Meditikka Meditikka (FR)
Meditite (US)
Asanan (JAP)

#307 #086
308 Charmina Charmina (FR)
Medicham (US)
Charem (JAP)

#308 #087
309 Dynavolt Dynavolt (FR)
Electrike (US)
Rakurai (JAP)
#309 -
310 Elecsprint Elecsprint (FR)
Manectric (US)
Raibolt (JAP)
#310 -
311 Posipi Posipi (FR)
Plusle (US)
Purasle (JAP)
#311 -
312 Negapi Negapi (FR)
Minun (US)
Minun (JAP)
#312 -
313 Muciole Muciole (FR)
Volbeat (US)
Barubito (JAP)
#313 -
314 Lumivole Lumivole (FR)
Illumise (US)
Illumise (JAP)
#314 -
315 Roselia Roselia (FR)
Roselia (US)
Rozelia (JAP)

#315 #026
316 Gloupti Gloupti (FR)
Gulpin (US)
Gokurin (JAP)
#316 -
317 Avaltout Avaltout (FR)
Swalot (US)
Marunoomu (JAP)
#317 -
318 Carvanha Carvanha (FR)
Carvanha (US)
Kibanha (JAP)

#318 -
319 Sharpedo Sharpedo (FR)
Sharpedo (US)
Samehada (JAP)

#319 -
320 Wailmer Wailmer (FR)
Wailmer (US)
Hoeruko (JAP)
#320 -
321 Wailord Wailord (FR)
Wailord (US)
Hoeruo (JAP)
#321 -
322 Chamallot Chamallot (FR)
Numel (US)
Donmel (JAP)

#322 -
323 Camerupt Camerupt (FR)
Camerupt (US)
Bakuuda (JAP)

#323 -
324 Chartor Chartor (FR)
Torkoal (US)
Kotasu (JAP)
#324 -
325 Spoink Spoink (FR)
Spoink (US)
Banebu (JAP)
#325 -
326 Groret Groret (FR)
Grumpig (US)
Bupiggu (JAP)
#326 -
327 Spinda Spinda (FR)
Spinda (US)
Patchiiru (JAP)
#327 -
328 Kraknoix Kraknoix (FR)
Trapinch (US)
Nakuraa (JAP)
#328 -
329 Vibraninf Vibraninf (FR)
Vibrava (US)
Birubara (JAP)

#329 -
330 Libegon Libegon (FR)
Flygon (US)
Furaigon (JAP)

#330 -
331 Cacnea Cacnea (FR)
Cacnea (US)
Sabonea (JAP)
#331 -
332 Cacturne Cacturne (FR)
Cacturne (US)
Nokutasu (JAP)

#332 -
333 Tylton Tylton (FR)
Swablu (US)
Chiruyto (JAP)

#333 -
334 Altaria Altaria (FR)
Altaria (US)
Chiruttasu (JAP)

#334 -
335 Mangriff Mangriff (FR)
Zangoose (US)
Zanguusu (JAP)
#335 -
336 Seviper Seviper (FR)
Seviper (US)
Habunake (JAP)
#336 -
337 Seleroc Seleroc (FR)
Lunatone (US)
Runatoon (JAP)

#337 -
338 Solaroc Solaroc (FR)
Solrock (US)
Sorurock (JAP)

#338 -
339 Barloche Barloche (FR)
Barboach (US)
Dojotchi (JAP)

#339 #080
340 Barbicha Barbicha (FR)
Whiscash (US)
Namazun (JAP)

#340 #081
341 Ecrapince Ecrapince (FR)
Corphish (US)
Heigani (JAP)
#341 -
342 Colhomard Colhomard (FR)
Crawdaunt (US)
Shizarigar (JAP)

#342 -
343 Balbuto Balbuto (FR)
Baltoy (US)
Yajiron (JAP)

#343 -
344 Kaorine Kaorine (FR)
Claydol (US)
Nenedoru (JAP)

#344 -
345 Lilia Lilia (FR)
Lileep (US)
Ririira (JAP)

#345 -
346 Vacilys Vacilys (FR)
Cradily (US)
Yureidoru (JAP)

#346 -
347 Anorith Anorith (FR)
Anorith (US)
Anopusu (JAP)

#347 -
348 Armaldo Armaldo (FR)
Armaldo (US)
Aamarudo (JAP)

#348 -
349 Barpau Barpau (FR)
Feebas (US)
Hinbass (JAP)
#349 #138
350 Milobellus Milobellus (FR)
Milotic (US)
Mirokarosu (JAP)
#350 #139
351 Morpheo Morpheo (FR)
Castform (US)
Powarun (JAP)
#351 -
352 Kecleon Kecleon (FR)
Kecleon (US)
Kakureon (JAP)
#352 -
353 Polichombr Polichombr (FR)
Shuppet (US)
Kagebozou (JAP)
#353 -
354 Branette Branette (FR)
Banette (US)
Jupetta (JAP)
#354 -
355 Skelenox Skelenox (FR)
Duskull (US)
Yomawaru (JAP)
#355 -
356 Teraclope Teraclope (FR)
Dusclops (US)
Samayorou (JAP)
#356 -
357 Tropius Tropius (FR)
Tropius (US)
Tropius (JAP)

#357 -
358 Eoko Eoko (FR)
Chimecho (US)
Chiriin (JAP)
#358 #083
359 Absol Absol (FR)
Absol (US)
Abusoru (JAP)
#359 -
360 Okeoke Okeoke (FR)
Wynaut (US)
Sonano (JAP)
#360 -
361 Stalgamin Stalgamin (FR)
Snorunt (US)
Yukiwarashi (JAP)
#361 -
362 Oniglali Oniglali (FR)
Glalie (US)
Onigoori (JAP)
#362 -
363 Obalie Obalie (FR)
Spheal (US)
Tamazarashi (JAP)

#363 -
364 Phogleur Phogleur (FR)
Sealeo (US)
Todogura (JAP)

#364 -
365 Kaimorse Kaimorse (FR)
Walrein (US)
Todozeruga (JAP)

#365 -
366 Coquiperl Coquiperl (FR)
Clamperl (US)
Paaruru (JAP)
#366 -
367 Serpang Serpang (FR)
Huntail (US)
Hanteeru (JAP)
#367 -
368 Rosabyss Rosabyss (FR)
Gorebyss (US)
Sakurabisu (JAP)
#368 -
369 Relicanth Relicanth (FR)
Relicanth (US)
Jiransu (JAP)

#369 -
370 Lovdisc Lovdisc (FR)
Luvdisc (US)
Rabukusu (JAP)
#370 -
371 Draby Draby (FR)
Bagon (US)
Tatsubi (JAP)
#371 -
372 Drackhaus Drackhaus (FR)
Shelgon (US)
Komoru (JAP)
#372 -
373 Drattak Drattak (FR)
Salamence (US)
Boomanda (JAP)

#373 -
374 Terhal Terhal (FR)
Beldum (US)
Danbaru (JAP)

#374 -
375 Metang Metang (FR)
Metang (US)
Metang (JAP)

#375 -
376 Metalosse Metalosse (FR)
Metagross (US)
Metagoros (JAP)

#376 -
377 Regirock Regirock (FR)
Regirock (US)
Rejirock (JAP)
#377 -
378 Regice Regice (FR)
Regice (US)
Rejice (JAP)
#378 -
379 Registeel Registeel (FR)
Registeel (US)
Rejisteel (JAP)
#379 -
380 Latias Latias (FR)
Latias (US)
Ratiasu (JAP)

#380 -
381 Latios Latios (FR)
Latios (US)
Ratiosu (JAP)

#381 -
382 Kyogre Kyogre (FR)
Kyogre (US)
Kaiorga (JAP)
#382 -
383 Groudon Groudon (FR)
Groudon (US)
Groudon (JAP)
#383 -
384 Rayquaza Rayquaza (FR)
Rayquaza (US)
Rekkuza (JAP)
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